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Below are high resolution copies of all the bands handouts during the five years in Ireland.

Click on the thumbnail to see the full sized handout. Enjoy!

The band's first handout-early 1979. The photo was taken in front of a bedspread hanging on the wall in Kim and Gerry's dining room. It coincided with the release of the band's first single, A Love Song, which actually became their second single because of the unexpected release of "Stop, Think." 

Early 1979. On February 12, 1979, Kim went to Dublin for her first professional photo shoot with top photographer Roy Esmonde. The photos were used for publicity for record releases on Hawk Records, in newspaper articles, and press releases about the band. They were not actually used as handouts though.

Christmas, 1979. The band decided to create a special handout for the Holidays. Still using the same old photo, they designed the card around Gerry's favorite comic strip.

Fall, 1980. After a trip to Roy Esmonde Studios in Dublin on September 1st, 1980, the band finally had professional photos taken and put out their best handout. Both color and B&W photos were taken, but for most bands of the era, color handouts were prohibitively expensive. 

Summer, 1981. Although only together for a short time, this version of the band (including Paul Hamilton on drums) had handouts made. Paul left the band unexpectedly in December and was replaced by Michael Gallagher on drums. This was the last black and white handout the band had printed. 

1982. After moving to new manager, Paddy O'Connell, the band had two full color handouts printed with Kim's picture to go along with the black and white handout of the whole band. 

Summer, 1982. Although we never actually printed a handout with this lineup of the band, this is what it would have looked like if we had! 


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