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Special Thanks!

There are many people that we have always felt deserved special thanks for helping us during our days in Ireland. This page is dedicated to them. We hope in some small way, it let them know how much their help and friendship was appreciated. They are in no particular order.

Colm Feeney

Colm Feeney was with us through thick and thin. As a roadie, as a part time player, as a soundman, as a cabinet builder, and most importantly, as a friend. Colm really was the sixth member of the band and we appreciate all that he did during our time in Sligo and since. Thanks, Colm.

Henry McGlade

Henry and Gerry met in Sligo. From Henry, Gerry bought his first car and his first bass guitar which he used when starting out with Sandy Duskey. Henry also got Gerry a gig touring England with Ritchie Fitzgerald. When Gerry and Kim started the band, Henry was there again, booking them on several occasions and providing much need press coverage in the Connaught Telegraph. Thanks Henry!

Sean Byrne

Sean Byrne, owner of the legendary Silver Slipper Ballroom in Strandhill, Co. Sligo was the first person to give Gerry a regular gig when he hired Aquarius as the resident relief band. Sean also gave the Kim Newport Band a break in the "big ballroom" and they will forever be in his debt for giving them the privilege of closing our their Irish career at "home" in the Baymount Entertainment Center in September 1983. Thanks Sean!

Pat Jennings

Pat Jennings, owner of The Traveler's Friend Hotel in Castlebar, and the Royal Ballroom, gave the band several breaks in the early days, allowing them to play in the ballroom, before they were perhaps ready. Through their mutual friend, Henry McGlade, Pat made a big difference to the band when it counted most. Thanks, Pat!

Peter Henry

As the owner of ther Blue Lagoon, Peter and his family have been special friends first to Gerry, then to both Kim and Gerry as they played in Ireland. Peter was the first person to give Kim and the band a chance and from 1978 to 1981, they played the Blue 50 times. Peter and his entire family will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thanks Peter!


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